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December 23, 2021


The following are guidelines and rules surrounding the use of our brand, which reinforces our values, vision and mission. The guide will not be able to predict each unique situation, but will help refine your approach and create a path for using our brand materials in a purposeful way.

The GoLogic Group brand is held to a high standard. The brand, perception and reputation of GoLogic Group is maintained under strict control. Where the brand is represented, whether that be externally or internally, we expect that it is held to that same high standard across all channels. We reserve the right to deny any use of brand materials, such as our logo and brand elements for any reason, at any time. If you have any questions concerning the content of this guide, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Marketing team.

About the brand

Spanning over two decades, GoLogic Group has grown to become a software development wheelhouse. Proudly Australian owned and operated from our headquarters in Queensland, Australia.

What started as a mission to build a faxing platform (yes, faxing) to lead the industry in security, reliability and compliance, has seen an organic evolution of its proprietary technologies built for business messaging and secure data exchange.

We continue to challenge the status-quo as we work towards a common goal to empower businesses and users like, with a way to transact data freely and without fear.

Our vision

To build a digital environment where people and organisations can communicate freely and fearlessly with total peace of mind around the safety of their own personal data.

Our voice









Tone of Voice

Genuine and considerate

We portray empathy and understanding in our words with an audience-first approach. We help our customers to be confident in their decision to transition their technologies and make the move to us.

Professional and confident

We are professionals in our field with over 20 years’ experience. This is shown through our confidence in the content we write and provide our audience.

Clear and direct

We write our content to ensure it’s easily understandable, no matter the audience. We remove jargon and value clarity and simplicity over all.

Down to earth

As we value our locality, we try our best to ‘keep it real’ and ensure our content remains informal and friendly.

Logo Guidelines.

The centre of our brand identity.

Our logo is how our customers tell us apart from a crowded industry. It’s a promise of quality, consistency, and reliability. As such, it is vital that our logo is presented correctly in every execution. This section covers these guidelines in detail. Any use of our brand logo outside of or conflicting with the contents of this section will be considered unauthorised.

Primary Lockup

The brand logo identifies the GoLogic brand as a whole. Use this logo to represent everything about the GoLogic Brand.This logo is a locked artwork and must not be edited in any way.

Colour Variations

Each brand logo lockup has several colour variations for use on different background types, tones, and colours. When in doubt, use the most legible version of the logo for the available background. For printed executions, special care should be given to ensure logo legibility on the final media or material used.

Icon-Only Lockup

When subtlety is desired, the GoLogic icon can be used in place of a full brand logo lockup.When this mark is used, ensure that our brand name is visible near or in relationship with the icon.

Logo Size

Maintaining optimal and minimal logo sizing is vital to the legibility of the mark and overall brand recognition. The execution will often dictate the right logo size. But in order to maximise legibility, try to use the largest size (within reason) for each logo version listed. In some circumstances, it may be acceptable to use the minimum size.

Clear Space

Clear space, or negative space, is the area that surrounds the logo that is completely clear of any other graphical element. Clear space helps the logo stand out from the rest of the elements on the page and ensures legibility, even at small sizes. As a general rule, the more clear, or negative, space around the logo, the better. At a minimum, there should be clear space equal to the 1/2 width of the GoLogic icon on all four sides of the logo. Using an element from the logo as a unit of measurement ensures enough clear space at any size.

Background Control

Contrast is the name of the game when considering placing the logo on any background. Our logo should not only be legible; it should also make a clear, strong statement when used. If there is not enough contrast between the logo and the background, the presence of the logo is weakened. The logo may be placed on photographs, textures, and patterns as long as there is enough contrast for the logo to be visible.

Placement of the logo on canvas is vital to a consistent visual style.

Where our logo is placed communicates a great deal about our brand’s visual style. As a general rule, our logo should not be centred in an area. We typically favour a left-aligned layout with the logo aligned to the primary grid line—the spine. Exceptions to this rule will inevitably surface. When in doubt, connect with a member of our team.